About STEC

Science Training Enterprise Corp. was established in Taipei in 1976, introducing the latest aerospace technology from abroad to assist the development of Taiwan’s aerospace industry.  “Safety High Tech, High Tech Safety” is our purpose of establishment, especially “safety” is the consistent persistence of the company.

In 1995, STEC began to transform into the field of medical materials, with dentistry as the main axis, representing all kinds of metal products, instruments and materials used in dentistry. At the same time, we endeavor more active in the development of dental materials, and obtained significant development in denture materials.

In 2014, STEC established the factory in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, and indeed implemented the research and development results in the product. The factory passed ISO13485 international medical certification in 2017 and Taiwan GMP certification in 2018.

Based on the sustainable development of more than 40 years, STEC continues to adhere to the above principles and policies, providing high-quality products and services for customers.

 【Safety High Tech, High Tech Safety】

This is our unchanging principle.
The company’s transformation
also adheres to this foundation to
use the safe materials,
especially in medical equipment products.
Safety has no room for compromise.

【Innovative, Reliable, Safe and Sustainable】

 This is our quality policy,
adhering to the spirit of innovation and
research and development,
to ensure the implementation of
quality policies by all relevant units to
provide safe and high-quality products.



Performed Clasps
Performed Clasps
Innovative Clasps Products
Precision Attachment
Precision Attachment
Innovative Dental Attachment
Flexible Denture Base Material
Flexible Denture Base Material
Innovative Denture Base Material


STEC has passed ISO 13485 and GMP evaluation.
The material has passed many ISO safety standards.

It is the first denture base material made in Taiwan
that has passed TFDA certification.

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